Jeffrey B. Hare, attorney




what does your attorney owe you?

What is the best possible outcome from your perspective? Which legal option will be the most likely to help you reach your long term objectives? What is the most cost effective approach for you, the client? Your answers to these questions will help me to provide you the most benefit for your dollar. Chasing legal remedies that do not serve your best interests are a waste of time‚ and money. The whole point of having a lawyer on your team is to help you achieve success. I focus on helping you develop a clear and comprehensive strategy designed for a successful outcome.


Jeffrey B. Hare

Jeffrey B. Hare is an attorney in San Jose, California providing outcome-oriented legal services to his clients. Also a licensed real estate broker and real estate investor, Mr. Hare specializes in real estate law, real estate property transactions, LLC entity formation, using IRAs for real estate investment, commercial leases, loan documents, land use law, zoning and land use changes, municipal law, and mediation services.

Mr. Hare represents real estate investors, commercial and residential property owners, and real estate developers. As an attorney and real estate investor, Mr. Hare provides both the new and experienced investor with a pragmatic but thorough approach to due diligence, contract review, and negotiations.